Past Life Regression and Therapy Certification Training

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Dr. Bruce E. Kaloski

Everyday more and more professionals are opening their minds and discovering the transformational power of Past Life Regression and Therapy. These techniques are rapidly gaining widespread acceptance with both alternative and mainstream therapists around the world.

Past Life Therapists regularly command $300 and more for private sessions and those who conduct group past life workshops and seminars can easily make $3,000 for just three hours work.

As a neophyte regressionist, I conducted my first PLR seminar in 1981 and I had a turn-away crowd … and that was before past life regression was enjoying the immense popularity it is today.

Now, in an intensive and accelerated training, (which I’m pleased and proud to personally conduct), you will be given the tools to add an exciting and lucrative dimension to your existing practice or start a new practice facilitating private and/or group past life regressions.

I extend a personal invitation to you to embark with me on an incredible odyssey of experiential learning and discovery as we explore the mysteries of reincarnation and past lives.

Learn from the Leader – Dr. Bruce E. Kaloski.

With more than forty years of experience, this internationally noted Hypnotherapist is widely recognized as one of the foremost trainers and educators in the field today. . Known for years as America’s “Hypnotherapist to the Stars,” Dr. Kaloski counts internationally known celebrities from Stage, Screen and Sports among his students and clientele. The Journal of Behavioral Therapy called him, “The best hypnotherapy teacher out there today – bar none.”

Holder of Doctorate Degrees in Counseling Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dr. Kaloski is co-founder and past president of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, a Fellow of the National Board for Hypnotic Anaesthesiology and a Diplomate of the International Certification Board for Clinical Hypnotherapy. He is the author the Amazon best sellers “Your Journey Was Never Meant to End And “Psych Yourself Slim” and is the creator of over 80 professional and personal development programs for counseling professionals and the general public alike.

More than 13,000 therapists, counselors, physicians, coaches and facilitators worldwide are now using his breakthrough Multiphasic Motivational Programming (MMP) method of therapy. He founded and directed the Center for Clinical Hypnotherapy, Inc. building it into the nation’s largest network of private hypnotherapy clinics.

It’s a New Paradigm in Professional Training

For years, if you wanted to learn new skills you had to take time from your job to travel across the country (or even the world) to attend a course…. and hope that what you had paid good money for lived up to the promise!

Often you might have to give up a weekend or even a week and lose your income and then pay for an expensive hotel. So not only did you have the cost of the course, travel, hotels and food, but you also lost income by having to take time off from your work. Even a relatively cheap weekend course could set you back several thousand dollars (and that doesn’t include your lost income)!

But then, it often gets worse because so many courses don’t live up to the hype. Many times the course is padded with hour long group introductions (don’t you just hate those?), the trainer’s stories, long coffee and lunch breaks. And at the end of the course you realize that what you have paid all this money for could have been taught to you in much less time! So what’s the solution?

Private, online, one-on-one, training and mentoring via Zoom, Skype or FB Messenger Video!

Designed, created and taught by Dr. Kaloski himself, these total immersion, “baptism by fire” accelerated, one-on-one private trainings are markedly different from traditional programs. Solidly grounded in practicality, they provides intense, hands-on training.

There is no fluff, no filler, no long and boring case-history videos to watch. You’ll participate fully in the learning experience. Each step is explained and demonstrated, and then you’re given the opportunity to learn by doing. So, if you have any issues or challenges in your life you are invited and encouraged to bring them along because they’ll be addressed and resolved during the training. In short, you will learn how to mobilize the awesome power that lies within you to make rapid, positive and dynamic changes in your own life as well as in the lives of your patients or clients.

And because these are one-on-one, private training & mentoring programs, you set the schedule that’s most convenient for you. Go as fast or as slow as you like!

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn

  • Dr. Kaloski’s innovative and inventive individual and group past life techniques;
  • A no-fail “set-up” technique which virtually guarantees a positive response;
  • Powerful Past Life Therapy techniques to release your client’s phobias, hang-ups, traumas and challenges in just one session;
  • Important interview, pre-talk, and screening techniques to maximize results;
  • 8 Critical safeguards that MUST be incorporated into your regression sessions. Ignore these at your (and your clients) peril!

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Experience

  • An individual, one-on-one Informational Past Life Regression session
  • An individual, one-on-one Karmic Connection Past Life Regression session;
  • An individual, one-on-one Past Life Therapy session;
  • An individual, one-on-one Between Lives session;

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Be Able to Help Your Client (and Yourself) Achieve

In this accelerated and intensive, action-packed, fast-paced, hands-on, you will acquire the skills and knowledge to assist your client (or yourself) to:

  • Uncover the origin of current fears, phobias, hang-ups and personal challenges and gain amazing and often immediate relief from them;
  • Learn how the people they (or you) knew in a past life relate to them (or you) in current incarnations and how the past is affecting the present.
  • Learn who their (or your) true soulmate is and meet their (or your) soul group – those they (or you) have traveled with through multiple lifetimes;
  • Visit the Between Lives state;
  • Understand the reasons they (or you) have chosen certain relationships in this lifetime;
  • Learn how to create major changes in this life by discovering who they (or you) were in a Past Life;
  • Discover their (or your) true purpose in life … the soul’s desire … the spirit’s passion … why they (or you) came into this current lifetime, and gain the power to dynamically actualize that purpose;
  • Recall powers, skills and abilities learned in a previous life to bring greater creativity, fulfillment, passion and abundance to the present life;
  • Gain amazing relief from physical, emotional and psychological symptoms and challenges;
  • Remove blocks, clear their Karma, and lay a solid foundation for success, happiness and unparalleled achievement.

• And much … much more!

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Receive

  • A comprehensive 100+ page Past Life Regression & Therapy Training Syllabus;
  • Complete word-by-word scripts with a variety of Past Life Inductions plus powerful, compelling and life-changing scripts to help your client successfully and permanently resolve a variety of Past Life issues, including fears, phobias, relationships, motivation, personal achievement, health, sexual dysfunctions, chemical dependencies, financial issues, to name just a few;
  • Word-By-Word Transcript of Dr. Kaloski’s “Past Life Odyssey” Group  Workshop/Seminar with Past Life Trip Records you can hand out to your group;
  • A handsome, personalized certificate of completion from Success Trak Professional Training Institute, suitable for framing;
  • Board Certification as a Past Life Regression Therapist through the prestigious American Board of Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy.


  • You’ll have full mentoring and support access to Dr. Kaloski himself for one year after the training (no trainees or assistants)!

Added Bonus

“Marketing Magic: How to Market & Promote Your Past Life Practice”

Learn how to fill your appointment book with eager patients or clients directly from the man who built the nation’s largest and most successful network of private hypnotherapy clinics.

  • Beginning Past Life Therapists will learn how to “jumpstart” their practice so it’s profitable from the very beginning.
  • Established practitioners in the Healing and Holistic Arts will learn how to “supercharge” their existing practice and take advantage of their existing using a variety of time-tested, proven techniques along with some little known marketing secrets of the “pros”. Many of these methods are at little or no cost to you!

Read what others are saying about Dr. Kaloski and his trainings:

“He has a rare ability to take a complex subject and render it easy to understand and do. His dynamic teaching style, liberally sprinkled with humor, made the training fun and I, quite frankly, found his enthusiasm to be contagious. Within two days of completing his course I was using his methods in my practice with remarkable success. I’ve recommended his training to friends and colleagues and they’ve enjoyed similar results.”

Arlene Carley, DC, Torrance, CA

“The very next day after taking your outstanding course, I was using the techniques you taught … and with great success. Since then, it’s made an incredible difference in my practice, both therapeutically and financially. While my colleagues struggle to make ends meet, I’ve got more clients than I can handle. Your class was the best investment I ever made. I only wish I had done it sooner.”

Tami Bianco, CMT, CHT, N.Y., N.Y.

“Dr. Bruce Kaloski has a heart of gold, a voice like velvet and skills of a magician when it comes to helping your life. But, apart from his transformational skills, he has an uncanny ability to take a complex subject and make it easy to understand and oh, so fun to learn. He does it all with an entertaining and dynamic style that rivets your attention and captures your imagination. Definitely NOT boring”! 

Toni Reilly, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“I’ve been interested in Past Life Regression since I was a teenager but I never thought I could experience it much less do it to other people. Your techniques are amazing and your teaching style made the learning experience enjoyable and easy. I’ve now got a new career and you to thank for it.”

Frank Atwater, Sayville, NY

“As a Spiritual Counselor and Medical Intuitive, I employ a variety of different modalities in my practice – Reiki, Angel Therapy, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, etc. For a long time I’ve felt something was lacking by not being able to offer Past Life Regression & Therapy. Well that’s all changed – and big time. I took your training in Santa Cruz, CA two weeks ago and immediately upon returning home I started booking Past Life clients. I wish I had done this years ago. Thank you, Dr. Kaloski.”

Mona Fischbeck, Everett, WA

“I just wanted you to know how useful last month’s San Francisco training was for me. I’ve already started using it in my psychotherapy practice. It provided the missing link in my previous studies … How I wish I had gotten your training earlier!! I am one of those psychoanalytically trained professionals who were still under the spell of Freud’s early condemnation of hypnosis. What a huge mistake that was! To think I could have been using these methods to ameliorate patient’s difficulties for all these past years! This has provided me with such a turning point in my practice … I appreciate all the time and care and energy you put into your training.”

Pickens Moore, Psychotherapist, Gallup, NM

“Thank you for sharing and offering your time to facilitate your hypnotherapy training program. Your passion for the craft has inspired me to continue my growth in this field. As a metaphysical minister and a student of applied universal principles, my knowledge of hypnotherapy will only be added benefit to me and my clients. Your teaching gift is a blessing and I feel fortunate to have been tutored by you. My husband and I are very appreciative of your generosity.”

Carmen-Day Johnson, Winnetka, CA

“I was really impressed by the overall quality, depth and clarity of the training this last weekend in Escondido. I found it to be easy and great fun! I feel that under your professional tutelage that anyone, regardless of his or her background, will be able to successfully complete the training and put those skills to immediate use. I have great confidence in my own abilities to now perform Clinical Hypnotherapy thanks to your excellent training. Thanks for a great weekend!”

Dan Cogburn, Registered Professional Counselor, San Diego, CA

“Yours was the third Past Lives training I attended and the first one I left with the confidence that I could actually do this with my clients. I certainly accomplished what I sought to accomplish by attending. Your clear, concise, step-by-step approach and important educational back-ground information and explanation demystifies the process and makes it amazingly easy to do and experience. I also (and finally) resolved a stubborn personal issue that has plagued me for most of my life and had resisted change from the more traditional therapies.”

Lawrence T. Bromwalt, Lubbock, TX

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