The MMP Difference

As effective as hypnosis has proven to be, while directing the Center for Clinical Hypnotherapy, a network of private hypnotherapy clinics founded in the Southern California area in 1985, I began the formulation of a revolutionary and innovative method of therapy that allowed both me and my staff therapists to realize success rates in the 95 to 97 percentile range. Called Multiphasic Motivational Programming (or MMP) this breakthrough technique represented a significant advancement in the field of hypnotherapy as applied to all areas of self-improvement and personal development.

In short, MMP made it possible to eliminate the hit or miss, trial and error techniques common to traditional hypnotherapy and zero in very quickly on the ways in which the client can most quickly, effectively and efficiently be helped to modify the learned maladaptive habit, behavior or attitude. And now, decades after its inception, it remains a “Gold Standard” in the use of hypnotherapy for all areas of self-improvement.

MMP involves the inter-phasing, or combining, of various modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reframing, and Guided Imagery to name just a few, employed both in and out of an altered state of consciousness (hypnosis), to influence and enhance a person’s pertinent motivational factors and thus program a desired psychological and/or physiological response into an individual and, by implication, deprogram that individual of undesirable psychological and/or physiological patterns and maladaptive responses. MMP is essentially a behavior modification technique and does not consider past causative factors in a psychoanalytical sense. It deals almost exclusively with the present and the future.

No two people are exactly alike and one size definitely does not fit all. While their goals may remain the same, the approach taken towards its implementation must be customized. Accordingly, after an initial Clinical Interview and consultation where the problem area is isolated, the client is evaluated and assessed for a variety of factors which determine how they, as an individual, are most likely to accept and best relate to hypno-therapeutic suggestions.

Also, all habits are the result of both conscious and subconscious processing. Both are equally vital and important and each must be addressed for optimal effectiveness. To treat one area while neglecting the other is only doing half the job. MMP is the only program that has been designed to provide dynamic intervention on both levels – conscious and subconscious. Its goal is to bring the subconscious mind into a working partnership with conscious desires. 

The goal of MMP is to offer it all – motivating, life-changing, targeted hypnotherapy to mobilize the subconscious mind plus valuable and detailed educational instruction to give the conscious mind that “critical edge”. We accomplish this through the dissemination of information that seeks to teach the vital in’s and out’s, where for’s, why for’s and how to’s of the particular problem area. In other words, we give the client something they can put into practice immediately. Results may at times seem truly miraculous but these techniques are based on sound, proven and time-tested principles.

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